Witness Curatrix Bust Some ICT Myths at The Business Innovation South Expo

Witness Curatrix Bust Some ICT Myths at The Business Innovation South Expo

Here are just a few Common ICT Myths Busted by Nick DaCosta-Greene

MYTH No 1 – Email Encryption

With growing security concerns around email, its no wonder email encryption companies have thrived.


Microsoft Exchange Online (part of Office 365) natively supports encryption between their email services, as well as to third parties such as Google. Approximately 97% of emails from Office 365 to external recipients are encrypted already.

There could be justification for a 3rd party email encryption tool, but you must weigh these up with the ability that you may be granting users to bypass your auditing and security setups.

MYTH No 2 – Anti-Virus

Every device should be protected with anti-virus.


Every device should be protected with anti-virus, this is agreed, but what most people are unaware of is the power that exists within Windows 10’s built-in anti-virus application, Microsoft Defender.

Microsoft Defender, when set up correctly, can provide an exceptional level of protection from viruses, ransomware and other malware, and can even protect your data with built-in replication to OneDrive. A backup solution such as Gemini Data Protection is fundamental to ensure clean data can be recovered in the event of an attack.

MYTH No 3 – Azure

I understand we need to move to the cloud?


Not all organisations need to migrate to the cloud and it is not always the best solution. As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service Provider, we are often approached by businesses to migrate to the

cloud. What we find more often than not is that they need the right configurations within their Microsoft tenancy. Costs can quickly mount up using the like of Azure and AWS Cloud services.

MYTH No 4 – Hosting

Hosting is expensive!


If you choose the right service for your business needs, i.e. not selecting a Tier 3 Data Centre for ‘normal’ data, for example, it is actually more cost-effective over a 5 year period to move to an Infrastructure as a Service model, like for like.

Azure and AWS can be expensive due to their transaction charges, Nutanix Cloud, however, is leading the way in Next-Generation Cloud and is, therefore, more cost-effective (as of July 2019).

Azure is actually quite an expensive route to the cloud. The VM costs are one part of this,
there are MANY transaction charges that will add significant cost to your monthly hosting.


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