Cost savings for Charities

Cost savings for Charities

As a result of Covid-19 Charities have had their revenue streams severely impacted as major fundraising events have been cancelled and charity shops closed. The financial times recently reported that this shortfall was in the region of £10 Billion across the Not for profit Sector.

When revenue is impacted it’s especially important to look at cost savings and efficiencies. An area that this can be achieved is through Information Technology. In particular, this blog looks at how charities can make savings through the adoption of Microsoft 365.

These savings fall into several categories:

Vendor license cost consolidation

By standardising on the Microsoft 365 platform you can save on licensing costs by replacing third-party tools that are no longer required. A recent example would be a client that was able to retire five different business productivity tools from several vendors, reducing costs and simplifying IT.

Capex to Opex

Organisations also receive the total cost of ownership savings by moving their on-premises environments to Microsoft 365. Organisations switch to a monthly subscription service as opposed to an expensive Capex approach. Organisations can also avoid purchases of on-premises infrastructure.

Reduce unnecessary travel and entertaining costs through remote working

Covid-19 has resulted in a huge drive towards remote working. End users are able to use Microsoft Teams to easily connect with colleagues and share information. Online meetings are easy to schedule. This reduces travel which allows you to cut out non-essential business expenses.

IT administration and deployment savings

By simplifying the overall environment, moving to the cloud, and increasing automation, Cost savings and time efficiencies are achieved by the elimination of the burden of on-premises maintenance.

Reduce the total cost of risk.

Microsoft’s native security solutions integrate easily and simplify deployment and management, ensuring that data and users are protected from wherever they choose to work. This delivers new methods of secure workforce efficiency.

It’s a tough time for Charities with reduced revenues and this is likely to continue for some time. The implementation of Microsoft 365 gives you the chance to make cost savings and efficiencies.

The following Video shows how Curatrix can help your charity through the implementation and deployment of Microsoft 365.

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