Curatrix Technologies Joins AllowList

Curatrix Technologies Joins AllowList

The IT Industry is one of the most complex markets to navigate if you do not keep up with current trends.  It is why you have dedicated IT Procurement professionals in large organisations.

ICT Category management requires buyers to keep up to date with technology trends, licensing, telephony, unified communications, collaboration tools, hardware, software and this is without taking into account Big Data, IOT, 5G and all the other trends and buzzwords floating around this highly confusing market.

The IT industry is completely unregulated providing resellers an open season on giving disingenuous advice, Contract Terms that would confuse the brightest of commercial minds and pricing that can literally change from one quote to the next in a myriad of SKUs (part codes) and more.  These are affectionately known as the ‘cowboys’.

Every so often though, a good guy will pop into town and this ladies and gentleman is that Sheriff…

The AllowList, in my opinion, provides a safe zone for buyers.  A unique platform that carries out genuine due diligence on providers and actual humans so that they can, with certainty, engage with suppliers that have been audited and had their badges, accreditations and certificates verified.  It considers trading history, insurances and the genuine ability of the organisation to carry out its services.

It is as close to a pre-qualified vendor list that us procurement professionals would want to access without paying, it is ZERO cost to buyers.  No cost to access a highly credible pre-qualified list of vendors…none, let that sink in…the PQQ is done, complete, finite.

Curatrix signed up as a supplier for various reasons, however, the core deciding factor was that we want to be fact-checked, we want to be audited and we want to be held accountable.  This provides certainty in our ability to deliver, certainty in our model and certainty that you as an organisation can trust Curatrix to secure your business, support you and your staff and create a fully flexible ‘work from anywhere’ technology solution that works for your business.

If you are a credible supplier, you should be on this list, if you’re a cowboy presenting false certificates, accreditations and badges…be reminded there is a new sheriff in town.

We are proud to have joined the online cyber security directory and get to be a member of THE LIST as a preferred supplier for cyber security and data protection. Our clients can take comfort in knowing that we have been vetted, our certifications and qualifications have been checked and we are ranked, rated and reviewed.

Visit us at the AllowList, trusted suppliers.

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