Hardware as a Service (HaaS), what is it?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS), what is it?

In a world where budgets are tight and technology is constantly changing, hardware as a service might be the answer for your business.

In this blog we delve into the world of pay as you go Hardware, otherwise known as Hardware as a Service.

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If there is one thing we have learned, IT equipment becomes obsolete very quickly.

New technologies allow our businesses to become more productive and more profitable thanks to our IT Infrastructure.

However, this creates a problem, how do we keep up with a constantly evolving IT landscape with limited budgets?

Hardware as a Service or Haas is an innovative way to save money and time on your company’s technology needs.

You can get all of the benefits of owning hardware without any hassle or expense of constantly fixing legacy technology.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about upgrading equipment every few years because it will be replaced when needed.

Hardware as a service or HaaS can provide businesses with an easy way to maintain computer systems without having to spend large amounts of capital on new equipment all in one go.

In this blog post provided by Kingsgate Finance, they will discuss what hardware as a service is and how it could benefit your company.

What is Hardware as a service?

Renting or leasing hardware over its useful life instead of paying upfront for equipment that ultimately needs replacing.

This is also known as “pay-as-you-go” or rent-to-own.

Even for small businesses, the cost of providing and maintaining an IT infrastructure can be significant.

How can it benefit me?

Hardware as a service can save money and time.

Not having to worry about the cost of new equipment means that you will have more spare income for other projects. Perhaps you can invest in other technologies that will save time and money now you have some spare capital to invest.

It also makes it easier to budget for future expenditure as there is no need to pay for everything upfront, meaning your IT budget can go a lot further.

What if I want to keep the equipment longer?

You are in total control of what equipment is replaced and when. If you want to run the equipment for a longer period you can, alternatively, if you feel that you needed to upgrade a server or some hard disk space then you can.

Initially, the term will be matched to the lifespan of the equipment. We know that this could change so there is some flexibility.

Is this the same as leasing?

It is very similar, included within the monthly payment are all the costs associated with that piece of equipment.

You will benefit from the peace of mind that the equipment is fully maintained and supported by your IT provider.

Does it work on all hardware?

Laptops, Server replacements, Work Stations, etc… yes, it does work with all hardware. It can even be used for disaster recovery projects and networking equipment.

How does the HaaS model work?

It works in the same way as a subscription service or a cloud based product, a small monthly payment is required instead of an upfront purchase.

The same benefits apply, a low monthly cost no upfront payments or spikes in cash flow, Hardware updated and replaced when required.

You will be required to commit to the monthly payment before your hardware is delivered.

Hardware as a service today is most commonly used with iPhone contracts, server renting however now it’s available or many other products.

Think of it as similar to a car lease, the user benefits from the latest product with no maintenance issues and replaces it regularly so that they do not have to waste time fixing old hardware and can spend time on more important business-critical issues.

Is the hardware cloud based?

Generally speaking, it would be on site but if you would prefer to say for instance you do not have the space for infrastructure i.e. a server we can arrange for your hardware to be based at a data centre or similar.

Is it safe and secure?

It is just as secure as any other IT service or hardware item. You should discuss ongoing security requirements with your IT Service Provider.

Will it be suited to our business?

If you are an IT manager who is constantly battling to provide a great service with restricted budgets then HaaS is a great option.

It should allow you to invest in more robust up to date technologies which means you can free up more time to work on more important projects.


Hardware as a service is an innovative product where you can get all of the benefits of ownership without any of the downsides.

  • Maintain your technology without having to invest large sums in new equipment.
  • Reduce downtime with faster, more reliable systems.

Nearly all software is now paid for via subscription, you don’t have any large upfront costs and you stay up to date with the latest version of the product the same as HaaS.

Next steps to HaaS

IT Hardware is now available in the same format, for your dedicated account manager contact us at ProcurIT.io we can help you with Hardware as a Service the next time you are discussing your latest project.

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