Licence to Thrill – Managed Office 365 Licenses

Licence to Thrill – Managed Office 365 Licenses

The subject of today’s blog is Managed Microsoft Office 365 Licenses. Maybe, not the most thrilling of subjects and apologies to 007 fans for the link to Timothy Dalton’s last Bond appearance.

In the current COVID environment companies are trying to save costs to offset their reducing revenue streams. Licenses are attached to users and managing these licenses effectively can result in reduced monthly fees. A relatively small monthly reduction per user can add up to a significant yearly saving when you factor in the total number of users you have. We’ll come back to that in a minute.

On a personal level how many of us buy a service (i.e. TV/Broadband) and never really take the time to review it to see if it still meets our needs. It is easier to do nothing, but you wouldn’t adopt this approach if it were a Service you had purchased for your own Business.

Mix and match different licence options

Microsoft allows you to mix different Licensing options (i.e. Business and Enterprise). Each company is going to have its own strategy, but they are likely to choose their mix based on required features, associated cost and the numbers of users they require to license. The business premium option is available for a maximum of 300 users, but any remaining users could be put on a different License.

Companies constantly change and people leave, don’t continue to pay for their licenses

Are you ensuring that when people leave you aren’t still paying for their licenses? The same applies for any test accounts you may have set up but may no longer be needed. HR can assist with this and any process could be automated and designed to run every month to ensure that off-boarded employees’ licenses are removed,

Keep up to date

Microsoft make changes and enhancements to their Managed 365 Licence options. Are you keeping up to date with those announcements to see if a different License option would offer you a reduction in price or increased functionality at a lower cost?

All of this requires proactive management and there is an overhead to managing this yourself.

How much value would it be to your business to have a Service provider that was doing this automatically, every month and recommending changes to senior management that could save you money?

This is the approach that Curatrix Technologies adopts with all our Managed 365 Clients. It’s in our DNA, it enhances the relationship/trust with the Client, it’s the right thing to do and potentially saves our Client’s money.

Moving from On-Premise to a Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution

If you are thinking of moving from an on-premise 365 solution to a managed 365 cloud solution, then make sure that your Service provider is going to provide this level of pro-active support. If you are a managed 365 company and your current provider doesn’t provide this for you, then perhaps it’s time to move to someone that does.

It’s your business. We’re here to help you.

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