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Microsoft License and 365-DIRECT

365-Direct provides customers with up to 25% off Microsoft RRP, like for like we will always be cheaper than Microsoft as we are a Cloud Service Provider and deliver much more than just licensing.

Your organisation will benefit from moving your Microsoft account to us because our Business Managers will provide regular updates via the phone, answer any questions you have on your licensing and educate you on how best to leverage your Office 365 licences.

Whether you are buying Business or Enterprise licensing we believe that you should get the very best of Microsoft, but not rely on their support which can often be lengthy, confusing and frustrating. We take on this responsibility and our trust pilot reviews speak for themselves when it comes to customer service.

To make full use of Microsoft 365, we recommend only the best of the licensing that is available and once you’re set up you can ask us anything. We supply everything from Office 365 Exchange Online Plans to all inclusive Microsoft 365 E5 licences.

Microsoft Cloud Licenses
For Business.

Deliver savings of up to 25% against Microsoft RRP on
Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure Products


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Microsoft Trust Curatrix Technologies to deliver, so should you!

What do you get with 365-DIRECT?

Cost Savings

Up to 25% off Microsoft RRP License Costs.

Monthly Contracts

No long term commitments with rolling short term contracts.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Microsoft Certified Competence in Small and Medium Cloud.

Fast Onboarding

Sign Up, Approve Email, Save Money...

Free Onboarding

We dont charge for tenancy setups.

Self Service Portal

Adjust your quantities in fast via our Self Service Portal.

Dedicated Support

Curatrix provide all first line support and escalate direct to Microsoft on your behalf.

Preferential Rates

Use our Supply Chain to get preferential rates on Laptops, PCs, Servers and More.

Why use Microsoft Cloud Services

99.9% Uptime
GDPR Compliant
Cloud Infrastructure
Support Available

Who would benefit from 365-Direct?

We have built 365-Direct to enable IT Managers, Office Managers and other business stakeholders, the ability to gain access to Wholesale pricing around Microsoft Cloud based licensing. Our licensing saves up to 25% against Microsoft RRPs and other Cloud Service Providers who do not pass on the savings that they recieve from Microsoft.


£7.50 /user per month Regularly £9.50 Buy Now
  • Best for businesses that want a subscription based service for Microsoft Office applications and online storage.
  • Microsoft Desktop Apps for Business
  • 1TB OneDrive Storage
  • No Exchange
  • No SharePoint
  • Maximum 300 Users


£8.50 /user per month Regularly £11.30 Buy Now
  • Best for businesses that need business email, Microsoft Office desktop applications and other business services:
  • Microsoft Desktop Apps for Business
  • 1TB OneDrive Storage
  • 50GB Email and Calendar
  • 1TB SharePoint Shared Storage
  • Maximum 300 Users


£5.50 /user per month Regularly £6.60 Buy Now
  • Enterprise Grade online services, best for businesses that have existing license agreements in place for desktop applications.
  • Microsoft Desktop Apps for Enterprise
  • 1TB OneDrive Storage
  • 100GB Email and Calendar
  • Unlimited Email Archive
  • 1TB SharePoint Shared Storage
  • No Maximum Users


£16.60 /user per month Regularly £17.60 Buy Now
  • Enterprise Grade online services, best for businesses that wish to go fully subscription based for their licensing requirements.
  • Microsoft Desktop Apps for Enterprise
  • Unlimited OneDrive Storage
  • 100GB Email and Calendar
  • Unlimited Email Archiving
  • Microsoft Teams
  • No Maximum Users

Visit our 365-Direct Website for more information on Microsoft and Office 365 products, additional licensing options and our current offers.

FAQ - Your questions, we have the answers!

What is Vanguard-ITSM?

Vanguard-ITSM is the name for Curatrix’s Managed ICT Support services. It is a combination of End User Support, Software Licensing and Device Security. Vanguard ITSM includes Anti-Virus, Patch Management, Remote Access for our Technicians, Sandbox features.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is an all encompassing Microsoft product that includes:

  • Microsoft Office 365 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint etc…
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Intune
  • Windows 10 Enteprise (Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 only)
  • Many, many security and data auditing features

How many hours support do we get per user?

As many as are required to fix an issue. Our model is based on proactive, not reactive support, we don’t cap how many hours of support your organisation receives per user. Vanguard-ITSM ‘per user’ is an all you can eat buffet of IT Support.

We’ve been advised that we require an expensive server, is this the same with Vanguard-ITSM?

The hardest and easiest question for us to answer. With our service, you do not need a server, we are cloud focused. That said, if you have an ERP solution such as Sage 200 and lots of data transfer, moving this data to the cloud WILL have a noticeable latency affect. We recognise the cloud is not suitable for every application all of the time and we work with you to move unnecessary services offsite, as well as replace On-Premise hardware and support it if required.

Is our bandwidth suitable for your services?

Running a cloud first strategy relies on good bandwidth. If you have 10 users and business broadband, you may ‘get away with it’, however if you have 100 users you’ll likely need dedicated connectivity.

What is Azure Information Protecion?

Think of it simply as a method of protecting your business documents, it applies authorisation levels to access data. Without the required permissions, external parties cannot access the data.

AIP can be applied to any Microsoft document or email. In its simplest form, if you send a spreadsheet with sensitive data in and you only wish for one person outside of your organisation to see it… you have that power.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft Cloud based intranet for your company. You can use it as the File Manager, Wiki for your business, document control library…its possibilities are endless. Curatrix provide a ‘top level’ SharePoint as part of all managed contracts. Further development can be carried out for bespoke features.

How quickly can i expect a response to a fault?

In short, all tickets are responded to within 15 minutes of logging, by our helpdesk team. Our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a comprehensive matrix made up of varying priorities, based on the industry standard ITIL catagorisations.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a Government accreditation and guidance on ‘minimum’ security a business should operate to. Cyber Essentials Plus means that a third party auditor has carried out multiple tests that include simulated hacking attempts known as penetration tests as well as the results of those tests. To give you an idea…we have to turn off your security for these companies to even have a shot at scanning your business…BUT, if you have this badge, it means you meet these guidelines and satisfy the base requirements to supply Public Sector and Blue Chip organisations.

Seriously, whats missing?

In short…nothing. We’ve built our support provision as a one stop, all inclusive, under one roof ‘IT bubble’ that you can grow, shrink or pop at your convenience. All we ask is that we have a minimum amount of users to support as the ‘basis for the Contract’.

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