Gemini Data Protection is an industry leading Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that gets your business back online in the event of a disaster in less than 5 minutes.

Historically, companies have had to decide between backup and disaster recovery to protect their company data.

Gemini-DP is the solution to that problem. By combining Backup and Disaster Recovery into a single, simple application, we can ensure that your data remains protected and accessible should the worst happen.

Unified Cloud Backup and
Disaster Recovery

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Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS).

Gemini-DP Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) is our simple Backup and Recovery solution. It is an agent based backup solution that enables the backup of your data to our secure datacentre.

Gemini-DP BaaS has no minimum requirements, and is designed to provide you with fast access to your backup data in the event of a disaster, whether natural or man made.

Our BaaS solution is Simple, Fast and Scalable, and provides companies with cost effective protection against the loss of data from Ransomware attacks and Hardware failure.


Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365.

Gemini-DP Office 365 Backup enables you to use our Cloud Backup as a Service platform to protect your Microsoft Cloud platform. By using our Cloud Backup web portal, you can quickly and efficiently protect your entire, or selected parts of, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange online environments.

Gemini-DP Office 365 Backup allows you to trigger Backups and Restores from anywhere that has an internet connection, meaning that data can be protected without on-premise infrastructure.

Protect your Directory Services infrastructure.

Gemini-DP AD Sync enables organisations to replicate in realtime, their Active Directory structure. This solution is ideal for organisations that only have 1 server on premise and are worred about failed Active Directory.

AD Sync is done through a site-to-site VPN to your own Virtual infrastructure that can be used as a primary Domain Controller in the event of a disaster.

Fast Failover with Gemini-DP DRaaS.

Gemini-DP Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides ‘always-on’ coverage in the face of downtime, with minimal interuption across a range of disaster classes and varying security levels. Whether you lose a single server or your entire environment, our DRaaS solution will enable your business to keep running normally through a disaster.

Gemini-DP DRaaS enables organisations to failover a high-performance virtual instance in sub 5 minutes, while delivering near-zero data loss with sub 15-minutes Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

Whats included with Gemini-DP?

Cloud Backup

Backup your data to our cloud, no on-premise hardware required.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Spin up any server environment in under minutes and continue operations.

5 Minute RTO Guaranteed

Industry Leading Recovery Time guarantees that you'll be online in our cloud within 5 minutes.

Highly Secure

SSAE16 Certified Data Centres and 256-bit AES Encryption at source, in flight and at rest.

Sandbox Testing

Test your servers when you want without impacting production environments.

WAN Optimised Transport

Source-Side Deduplication and Compression reducing bandwidth requirements.

Eliminate Impact of Ransomware

Go back in-time and restore multiple recovery points within minutes.

Incremental Forever

Only backup changes using advanced change detection and multi-thread transport.

Agentless VMWare Backup

True Incremental Backup of your VMWare servers without installing agents on each VM.

Access Anywhere

Manage Backups, Restores and Failovers from anywhere with an Internet Connection.

Cost Effective Data Protection you can rely on!

We have built our Gemini-DP Solution to provide SMEs with Enterprise Grade Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, in a single application. With backup frequency as little as every 15 minutes, Incremental Forever methodology and RTO Service Level Agreements of less than 5 minutes, you can ensure that your systems are protected against disaster, whether natural or man-made.

All Our plans include

99.9% Uptime
Best Value Backup
and Disaster Recovery
control panel

FAQ - Your questions, We have the answers!

What does “direct-to-cloud” mean?

Direct-to-cloud refers to a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution that does not require hardware to be deployed on-premise as a staging area before the data is transferred to the cloud.

Gemini-DP offers direct-to-cloud solutions that do not require the deployment and maintenance of on-premise hardware.

How are the Gemini-DP solutions licensed?

Gemini-DP Backup as a Service (BaaS) is licensed based on the amount of cloud storage in gigabytes (GBs).

Gemini-DP Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is licensed based on the amount of cloud storage in GBs and the computer requirements needed to boot virtual instances of recovered servers in the cloud.

Both solutions include an unlimited number of deployments of the Gemini-DP backup agent and Gemini-DP virtual appliance for VMware.

Does Gemini-DP encrypt the data?

Yes, Gemini-DP encrypts the backup data inflight with SSL encryption and at-rest in the cloud with 256-bit AES encryption.

How is Gemini-DP managed and administered?

Gemini-DP is managed and administered through a hosted web-based interface. With a choice of widely available web browsers and internet access, it is possible to manage both the Gemini-DP BaaS and Gemini-DP DRaaS solutions from the same web-based management portal.

Does Gemini-DP provide functionality to failback?

Yes, Gemini-DP provides the ability to failback a virtual instance of a recovered server from the cloud to the on-premises environment.

Where are the Gemini-DP datacenters located?

There are 3 global datacenter locations for Gemini-DP, these are Manchester UK, Santa Clara, California USA and Secaucus, New Jersey USA

Curatrix Technologies currently only uses the Manchester (UK) datacenter for UK Based customers within the Gemini-DP product set.

Is there any automated Disaster Recovery testing?

Monthly, Gemini-DP DRaaS will power on each virtual instance of a disaster recovery protected system, capture a screenshot of its login screen and then power the system off. It is possible to view the screenshot capture via the hosted web-based management portal.

How is the Gemini-DP infrastructure managed?

Gemini-DP infrastructure delivered by Curatrix Technologies protects customer environments serving as a recovery site in the event of a disaster or disruption to a customer’s primary site.

What is an Gemini-DP data center?

An Gemini-DP virtual data center is a private virtual data center provisioned for each customer in the Gemini-DP infrastructure that includes Random Access Memory (RAM), a VPN server and an external IP address. It enables customers to power on the servers they are protecting in the Gemini-DP infrastructure.

What is the Gemini-DP agent?

Gemini-DP’s agent is the lightweight software application that easily installs on a server and creates a backup image of the server and its contents. The agent leverages built-in WAN optimization to efficiently transfer the backup image to the Gemini-DP infrastructure where it is stored and protected.

How does the pricing for Gemini-DP’s direct-to-cloud DRaaS work?

Customers and partners purchase a Gemini-DP DRaaS Instance based on the amount of compute and storage needed to store server image files of protected servers and the amount of random access memory (RAM) needed to run virtual instances of the protected servers in the Gemini-DP infrastructure.

How many Gemini-DP agent licenses are included with Gemini-DP DRaaS?

An unlimited number of licenses for the Gemini-DP agent are included with the purchase of Gemini-DP DRaaS. You may deploy the Gemini-DP agent on any number of servers.

Who can be contacted to address any issues that may arise related to using Gemini-DP DRaaS?

Curatrix Technologies provides a 24x7x365 service to Gemini-DP Disaster Recovery as a Service customers.

Does Gemini-DP support both Windows and Linux?

Yes, Gemini-DP supports the protection of physical and virtual systems running Windows or Linux.

Does Gemini-DP support Macs?

Yes, the Gemini-DP backup agent can be deployed to backup and restore files and folders on machines running Mac OS.

Will I need to invest in a Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation solution to backup data to the cloud?

No, the Gemini-DP backup agent has built-in WAN optimization and was designed to move large data sets as quickly and efficiently from on-premise directly to the cloud. After the first initial full backup, the Gemini-DP backup agent identifies and only transfers changed data to the cloud.

Which virtualisation environments does Gemini-DP support?

Gemini-DP supports the agentless protection of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). Protecting VMware vSphere environments involves deploying the Gemini-DP virtual appliance which communicates with the VMware vCenter server and leverages the VMware application programming interfaces (APIs) to discover, backup and restore VMware virtual machines. Protecting Microsoft Hyper-V environments involve deploying the Gemini-DP backup agent to a Hyper-V enabled Windows server. Once deployed, the Gemini-DP backup agent enables the discovery, backup and restore of the Hyper-V virtual machines.

Is it possible to first subscribe to Gemini-DP BaaS and then later subscribe to Gemini-DP DRaaS?

Yes. The Gemini-DP DRaaS subscription will require the purchase of Compute (CPU & RAM) to run virtual instances of backed up server images and virtual machine images in the cloud. As part of the Gemini-DP DRaaS subscription, a virtual datacenter is provisioned in the cloud which includes a firewall, virtual private network (VPN) server, an IP network and one externally facing IP address. Gemini-DP BaaS and Gemini-DP DRaaS are managed through the same hosted web-based management portal. Through the management portal, Gemini-DP enables Disaster Recovery for virtual machines and servers where the system image is being backed up.

How does someone connect to a powered on virtual instance of a protected server or virtual machine during a disaster recovery test or actual event?

There are three options:

  1. establish a direct remote desktop connection.
  2. establish a point-to-site virtual private network (VPN) connection.
  3. establish a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) connection.

What is Gemini-DP DRaaS?

In the event of human-led malicious attacks, negligence, unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters, Gemini-DP direct-to-cloud DRaaS enables enterprise customers and partners to continue accessing business-critical applications with minimal disruption. Applications and databases can be recovered with near-zero data loss.

How does Gemini-DP DRaaS work?

Gemini-DP DRaaS creates backup images of on-premise servers and transfers those images to the Gemini-DP infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, the backup images are used to run virtual instances of the servers in the Gemini-DP infrastructure. Users are able to access the virtual instances running in the Gemini-DP infrastructure via a secure virtual private network (VPN) connectivity. The Curatrix Helpdesk team is available to assist with failover to the Gemini-DP infrastructure and with failback from and back to the on-premise environment.

How does Gemini-DP DRaaS compare to other offerings in the market

This solution is part of the Gemini-DP suite which includes software, hardware and cloud options that deliver tremendous ease-of-use with enterprise-grade capabilities.

  • No Hardware: Does not require the presence of intermediary, on-premise hardware appliances for backup or recovery to the Gemini-DP infrastructure.
  • Direct-to-Cloud: Back up larger amounts of data in the same timeframe as backups finish faster using fewer system resources.
  • Data is encrypted via SSL in flight to and at rest in Gemini-DP infrastructure.
  • Near-Zero Data Loss: Power on and run a high performing virtual server instance with near-zero data loss with the click of a button.
  • Secure Cloud Connectivity: Options for secure VPN connectivity to the recovered environment in the Gemini-DP infrastructure include Point to Site, Site to Site and IP takeover.
  • Engineering Support Expertise: Our technical experts help customers and partners prior to a disaster by assisting with onboarding, server protection and network connectivity to the recovery site.

Is there a separate charge for the Gemini-DP Virtual Appliance for VMware?

No, there is no additional charge for the Gemini-DP Virtual Appliance for VMware.

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