IT Support

Managed IT and Support

Curatrix provides you with clear and concise management and support for your licencing.  Whether your business needs a full virtual IT support department or additional support for in-house teams, our service is recognised for providing expert guidance for you and your end-users.  We provide support for all Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud environments and we don’t charge extra for it.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Best in class business requires top tier licensing. M365 includes Office 365 and Enterprise business features to enhance your scalability and security. We help you to understand licensing so that you can improve the operational effectiveness of your business while remaining 100% mobile. Work from anywhere with the power of Microsoft 365

Email Encryption

We use built-in Microsoft Azure Information Protection to protect your business data. Whether it is a spreadsheet or sensitive HR document, we want you to be protected from insider threats and external hackers. By utilising AIP, we can enforce strict data protection policies to help keep your data safe.


You and your staff can make unlimited, totally uncapped amount of support requests to our helpdesk. 1st line support through to Microsoft certified Technical experts, we have the full scope of engineers based in-house available to support your business. If we don’t know, we have a robust supply chain able to assist you.

Cyber Essentials

Our belief is that at the very least you should have Cyber Essentials as your baseline. That is why we provide CyberSmart 100% free to you. This software helps guide you to achieving the Certificate, but it also keeps Curatrix in check and provides you a third-party reporting tool to fact check our team.

Microsoft Defender

First part protection for Microsoft end points is provided by best-in-class Microsoft Defender with Advanced Threat Protection. Our first part model has saved businesses thousands on endpoint protection. Microsoft Defender is included in your Microsoft Enterprise licensing. We use best-in-class licensing to protect your business from cyber threats.


There is no point in investing in cloud services like Microsoft 365 if you are not going to use it. We provide you access to web-based security training, office apps and more. ClipTraining is here to guide you every step of the way and enables your team to always be up to speed on the latest changes or even build their skills from the ground up.