Technology Round Up May 2019

Technology Round Up May 2019

Biggest Treats:


The National Cyber Security Centre released a list, in collaboration with web security expert Troy Hunt, of the top 100,000 passwords that have been used in global cyber breaches.

The NCSC advises that you should immediately change your password if it is on the list and advise using three random words for home users.


Researchers at security firm UpGuard have found Facebook user’s records exposed on a public storage server.

Mexico-based digital media company Cultura Colectiva left more than 540 million records, including comments, likes, reactions, and account names stored on the Amazon S3 storage server without a password. Separately, a backup file from Facebook-integrated app “At the Pool” was also found exposed, including user’s friends lists, interests, photos, group memberships, check-ins, and plaintext passwords for more than 22,000 users.

You can see if your email address has been compromised, by visiting

In the News:


The proposed legislation, launched by Digital Minister Margot James, would introduce a new labelling system to tell customers how to secure an IOT product is.

Retailers would eventually be barred from selling products without the labels although initially, the scheme would be voluntary. To gain a label and enter the market, IOT devices would various requirements such as ‘unique passwords by default’.

The proposed laws follow a voluntary code of practice for IOT manufacturers that was published in the UK last year.


Amazon, Apple and Google all employ staff who listen to customer voice recordings from their smart speakers and voice assistant apps. All three companies say voice recordings are occasionally reviewed to improve speech recognition.

The terms and conditions for Amazon’s Alexa service state that voice recordings are used to “answer your questions, fulfil your requests, and improve your experience and our services”. Human reviewers are not explicitly mentioned.

In a statement, Amazon said it took security and privacy seriously and only annotated “an extremely small sample of Alexa voice recordings”.

Multiple Sources

“In the very near future, cyber security exercises are going to be absolutely expected of all companies by regulators”
– Michael Vatis

April 2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics

  • There are an average of 24,000 malicious mobile applications blocked each day.
  • Breach analysis by the NCSC found that 23.2 million victim accounts worldwide used 123456 as password and that One in three rely to some extent on friends and family for help on cybersecurity
  • Only 15% of those surveyed by the NCSC say they know a great deal about how to protect themselves from harmful activity

Curatrix Technologies

Curatrix Technologies have now consolidated businesses due to the growing trend of companies that desire a single point of contact for their ICT services, not only does this reduce costs and improve account management, there is increasingly less risk, fewer points of failure and less suppliers/demarcation points. This round-up, produced since February 2018 will become focused on all business focused technologies and provide a brief overview of market conditions, new technologies, threats and risk and updates on the lobbying attempts for an IT Providers Watchdog.

3 Core Security Principles Your Company Should Follow3 Core Security Principles Your Company Should Follow

  • Establish your Security Baseline – Password Policies, Minimum Access Policies, Conditional Access Policies, Data Protection Policies, etc.
  • Patch Software with Security Patches as soon as they become available.
  • Utilise a good anti-virus, preferably with a ‘Default Deny’ posture to unknown applications – to counter Zero-Day threats.

What separates Small Businesses from Large Enterprises when it comes to IT?

It’s not a trick question, in fact, the tools that most businesses use are the same regardless of size. All modern organisations require some computers, they require an email service, they require anti-virus, they require data storage and all organisations, regardless of their size, require someone with adequate knowledge to deliver their ICT infrastructure.
Typically, smaller organisations outsource their ICT requirements to an external contractor, who has limited knowledge around enterprise solutions and resorts to providing a minimum cost solution, using budget tools, that provides little or no protection to the ICT infrastructure. Most of these providers entice customers with ‘low’ monthly fee’s, but these are typically incorrect and change on a monthly basis.  As a result, unless these providers come from a background in delivering high-end solutions they simply won’t have the knowledge, experience or contacts available to deliver an effective solution.

“Investing once in technology is not enough , continuous investment is required to maintain the security and efficiencies of your systems. If you ’re not keeping your systems up to date and secure, your putting your business and its data at risk “



Curatrix Technologies, as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, recommends Microsoft 365 Enterprise for all organisations conscious about the security of their data. By using Microsoft 365 Enterprise, you gain access to:

Office 365 E3
*Providing Enterprise Email and Document Storage
*Security and Compliance centre offering 1 click auditing

Windows 10 Enterprise

Microsoft Intune
*Providing Conditional Access to your data to trusted users and devices

Azure Information Protection
*To categorise, encrypt and protect document access

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and Device Guard
*First line Anti Virus

Unrivalled Features

What is Trident UC?
Trident is Curatrix flagship fully hosted and managed High Definition (HD) IP telephony service (VoIP). Our Trident platform is run on BT’s highly resilient and secure next-generation network and provides the functionality of a high-end telephone system but with no physical on-site switch.
To connect to Trident, you simply require a reliable voice quality internet connection. We believe that call quality is paramount, which is the reason why we offer dedicated voice over Broadband and Ethernet circuits.
For those businesses with multiple sites, we provide Ethernet circuits to ensure maximum call quality securely linked by our Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Importantly, Trident call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, ensuring the absolute quality of service for your customers.

Who would benefit from Trident UC?
Trident is suitable for businesses of any size with single or multiple sites. We can scale from the very small single office to multisite networks or indeed large corporate headquarters, providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free levels of communication functionality.

What are the inclusive features of Trident UC?
Unlimited free on-net calls and 5000 minutes of calls to UK 01/02/03* numbers and UK mobile
Networks: Advanced hunt group, Voice messaging with voicemail to email, Unlimited levels of auto-attendant, UC Business mobile application to include IM&P and video
Calling: Go Integrator Lite for Skype for Business, Self Service Portal, 24/7 network monitoring, Service Assurance Portal, End-to-end service

What are the enhanced features of Trident?
Latest Functionality – MeetMe Conferencing, Flexible number portability – retain your office numbers, Call Centre ACD, Call recording with 6 months’ storage (or more), Full integration with CRM – Go Integrator DB, In-depth call analytics, the Latest range of Yealink and Polycom handsets

Curatrix is proud of our product range and our customer service SLA, trust pilot and google reviews speak for themselves. We are proud to have supported many charities and members of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and will continue to do so as committed members of the Hampshire Chamber Professionals Forum.

For help or advice on any of these matters:

Call or email Curatix Technologies on +44 (0)33 3241 2226, email [email protected]


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