What is your favourite support ticket this week and why?

What is your favourite support ticket this week and why?

Here’s a brief look into the world of the Curatrix support team.

When asked ‘what is your ‘favourite support ticket this week and why’, Olivia (one of our apprentices) told us how she helped a customer solve a payslip issue with Sage. Sounds simple, but like most things technology-based there is more to it then first meets the eye.

Ticket Issue; Sage 50 Payroll – Unable to produce emailed payslips

“I choose to pick up this issue as I saw the description of the ticket and noticed, with the issue being Sage, it was something I never tried to solve before. This issue required a great deal of research which ultimately only offered limited suggestions. It certainly was a learning curve for me as I’m not too familiar with Sage. I’m hoping now I have had some experience with this issue that if it comes up again, I would have more of an understanding and an approach plan to obtain a resolution in good time.”

How did our budding apprentice resolve this issue?

“I had great difficulty when attempting to fix this issue. This isn’t the first time this has happened. There have been recent tickets recorded from the same customer reporting the same issue. Originally, when the ticket was first reported I ran a repair of Office as well as uninstall and reinstall.”

“After following the knowledge base from the Sage website, it provided lots of theories without a working solution. For example: From looking at the website, Sage suggestion was their software ‘not compatible’ with Outlook 64-bit version. This meant that I had to revert 64-bit to 32-bit Office, which ultimately didn’t prove to be the answer. Another suggestion was to download Primary Interop Assemblies. However, this was irrelevant as this was only suggested if a customer was using Microsoft Outlook 2010. I followed a few other bits and pieces from the Ask Sage website, and still, this didn’t make a difference.”

“It was only until the other day where we had come to a solution. However, we were more living in hope that this would work at this point rather than knowing for sure. So, I began the process of resetting her PC. This meant that I had to backup all her files (Sharepoint, OneDrive and Box Sync.) Once the machine was reset, I made sure I installed Office 32-bit before anything else. Sage followed which was a long process to get back. However, thankfully this did solve the issue.”

Written by Olivia Haggard, Curatrix Apprentice IT Support Engineer

Hard work and problem solving

As you can see it isn’t always straight forward, our support team has to use their problem-solving skills as well as constantly building on their knowledge to keep up with the ever-evolving world of IT management. Well done Olivia you did a great job!




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