The Voluntary Speed Code of Practice

The Voluntary Speed Code of Practice

The Speed Code is a voluntary commitment policy set to provide ISPs and Customers with transparent and realistic information on the speeds of their broadband service, so that;

  • Resellers can enable their customers to make informed choices about services before buying
  • Resellers can help manage speed-related problems after buying
  • Resellers can be compliant with the code of practice by providing a right to exit to their customer, without penalty, if their speed falls below a minimum guaranteed level, and the problem has not been resolved within 30 calendar days from when it was reported. Please see OFCOM references/links below for further details

In adherence to the code, the following values are quoted during our sales and order process

  • Normally Available Speed (Download & Upload) – These are the typical speeds the service can achieve which include potential congestion on contended circuits (Broadband/Superfast/Ultrafast)
  • Minimum Guaranteed Speed – These are the estimated throughput speeds which include any potential congestion on contended circuits (Broadband/Superfast/Ultrafast).

Curatrix Technologies aligns itself with the spirit of the code whereby if our customer reports speeds below the minimum guaranteed then the emphasis should be placed on restoring and/or setting realistic expectations about their speeds.

We wholly believe that your services should be fit for purpose for the day to day running of your business and that any good ISP will monitor and provide proactive management in the event of slowness or failure.

To that end, Curatrix commits to another year of Ombudsman membership and our Customer Service journey with TrustPilot where any customer can review us.

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