What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is essential to most businesses, but what is it, how is it defined?

The reality is that cloud isn’t actually the cloud (be honest, I bet some of you secretly thought it was), it’s a physical place, a type of computing where individuals and businesses rely on a third-party to manage their computer data processing via the internet.

It’s a commodity, something that all companies are rapidly taking advantage of out of necessity. Public cloud providers such as Curatrix Technologies provide secure, reliable and scalable computing from a shared secure data centre.

This short video courtesy of Microsoft explains clearly the advantages and how it works…

On-premise compared to cloud computing

On-premise can work for some, however, can be expensive and not the most secure and reliable way to store your data.

Costs such as hardware, software, licencing, electric not to mention space and staff to maintain and protect it all add up. The cloud, on the other hand, eliminates all that extra cost, stress and responsibility. Saving companies money and time by paying for what you use as and when you need it, giving your business the opportunities to expand quicker.

So, where do you start?

Curatrix Managed Cloud Solutions

Curatrix Managed Microsoft Azure has the most applications of any Cloud Service Provider in the world, launching thousands of web apps annually.  With Curatrix operated Azure services, you are guaranteed resilience, cost management and operational efficiencies. We have been Microsoft partners for over 3 years and have in house Microsoft specialists on hand.

Microsoft Azure will provide you with: ​

ISO27001 Environment
Global 24/7/365 Support​

Why Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a global, centrally owned collection of data centre infrastructure that is owned, operated and maintained by Microsoft.  Microsoft Azure is highly available, meaning that it guarantees up-time of over 99.999%.  Azure has the most applications of any Cloud Service Provider in the world, launching thousands of web apps annually.

How do you migrate to the cloud?

We can help you with migration, one of our Microsoft specialists will happily answer any of your questions, don’t worry we won’t try to sell to you, we can even offer you a free trial once we have ascertained which solution works best for your business.

If it is Microsoft Azure that you are looking for then Curatrix Technologies are here to help, click here to read more about Curatrix Managed Azure.

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